Allergies Symptoms and Treatment

Allergy is a reaction or response by the immune system. The reaction is to a certain substance or product called as “allergens”. The allergens could be mold, pet dander, residue from mice and cockroach, pollen, food, drug or any other substance, which are harmless to the majority of people. The allergens could make a person sneeze, wheeze or even create rashes. Infact, the same substance would have been harmless to the person who is allergic now. Allergies can get complicated and can even upset day-to-day normal functioning.

Symptoms of Allergies
* Sneezing
* Itchy, watery eyes
* Stuffed nasal passage
* Chest Tightness or difficulty in breathing
* Itchy, Sore throat
* Ear pain
* Running Nose
* Fatigue
* Sleeplessness
* Fever
* Earaches
* Hives/Rash.

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