Announcing… The Poll Results! – By what method are you losing weight?

Twenty days are over!!!… Its time to announce the Result for the Poll – “By what method are you losing weight?”

Here are the results:

I eat health food + exercise – 22.10%
I use Diet Pills or Fat Burning Drugs or Supplements – 30.39%
I used to be in a very strict Diet – 5.52%
I use gadgets - 7.76%
I don’t eat anything (unhealthy way) – 21.55%
Most of the above - 3.87%
Others – 13.81%

Poll Result - Thumbnail imagePoll Result - Enlarged view

I like to thank our polling team for their hard work and time spent for reviewing votes. You all have done a wonderful job!

Regardless these results, I want to share my thoughts about weight loss and my method of weight loss. I have been trying for years to reduce my weight. I have tried all gadgets in the market, also tried starving to death… but nothing worked for me & my weight was increasing drastically than before. Finally I thought of trying diet pills. My doc prescribed me “Alli 120mg” capsule and 30 minutes of exercise daily. Its almost one year, now I have lost 65 pounds. Any my vote is for two options “I use Diet Pills or Fat Burning Drugs or Supplements” and “I eat health food + exercise”.


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  1. Deniehy

    im a strong supporter of healthy food with physical exercise…

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