Baby Care Products

We at International Drug Mart have come with natural baby products, which are necessary for daily baby care. These products are made from natural herbs which do not cause any side effects. Shop baby’s skin care and hair care products at our pharmacy and save money. Best natural products that can keep your baby away from allergies and skin damages caused by chemicals. International Drug Mart provides natural products to protect your baby’s natural skin.

Himalaya Baby Cream
Order baby cream 50ml at $10.20. Daily use of this product on your delicate baby’s skin makes it soft, supple and elegant.

Himalaya Baby Lotion
We have baby lotion in 40ml, 100ml and 200ml bottles. This natural baby lotion contains extracts of almond and olive oil. Regular use of this lotion protects your baby’s natural skin.

Himalaya Baby Powder
Herbal baby powder keeps your baby’s skin dry, keeps away from odour and gives baby a refreshing look. We have in the packs of 50gms, 100gms and 200gms

Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream
Best diaper rashes cream that can help your baby feel comfortable and away from rashes that makes them irritate. 20gms f diaper rash cream costs only $5.10

Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo
Natural protein shampoo that cools your baby’s scalp makes the hair smooth and conditions it. We have 100ml and 200ml shampoo bottles. This does not cause any tears to your baby.

Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes
Gentle baby wipes which contains the extracts of alove vera and lotus cleans the baby skin and keeps the skin moist. We have baby wipes in the coming in the packs containing 24 and 72 wipes. A pack of 24 wipes costs $8.16 and a pack of 72 wipes costs $20.57

Himalaya Moisturizing Baby Soap
Baby soap for dry skin with natural ingredients to moisten and keeps the baby away from body odour. 75gms of this baby soap costs $4.08 and 115gms of this soap costs $5.61

Himalaya Nourishing Baby Oil
Baby oil with blended herbs for soft and nourishing skin. We have 30ml and 100 ml baby oil bottles priced $4.59 and $12.58.

Apart from the above baby products we also have “Himalaya Baby Care Gift Pack” which contain the following products Gentle Baby shampoo 100ml,Nourishing Baby Oil 100ml,Diaper Rash Cream 20gm,Moisturizing Baby soap75gm,Baby Lotion 100ml and Baby Powder 100gm.

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