Benadryl Cough & Cold Syrup – Cough Suppressant

When we think about Christmas & new year, the first thing we remember is Gifts, the next is Snow & winter… Winter is the season for cold and cough. We feel uncomfortable when we constantly coughing especially on special occasions. Benadryl Cough & Cold Syrup – Cold Suppressant is considered as the best medicine for cold & cough instant relief.

Benadryl cough Syrup gives relief from:
• Running nose
• Sneezing
• Watery eyes
• Itchy nose or throat

The happy news is that it is an Over-The-Counter Product & can be bought without doctor’s prescription and it tastes good. It doesn’t cause drowsiness like other cough suppressants, so it can be taken anytime. The Benadryl cough medicine comes in a plastic bottle, so no need of extra care while taking it anywhere outside or to your work place.

Who can take it?



Children under 6 Yrs
Consult a doctor – 2.5ml
Children Between 6 – 12 Yrs
Children over 12 Yrs & Adults

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