Cataract Symptoms and Teatments

Cataract in human eyes can cause blurred and hazy vision. Cataract in simple terms means some formation over the natural lens of the eye; the formation is usually termed as cloudy formation.Cataract can appear in both the eyes or in just one eye. Cataract is common in people aged above sixty.

Few Causes of Cataract
* Flexibility and transparency of lens reduces with age.
* The lens gets thicker with age.
* Contribution of protein fibers in the lens diminishes with age.
* Diabetes, UV rays, eye trauma, intraocular inflammation, steroids, smoking cab contributes to cataract in young people.

* Unclear or cloudy vision
* Halos appear in the region of light
* Double vision or multiple images in each of the eye
* Need for bright light to read and for other activities

Here are some ways to cope up with it # Keep a control over your blood pressure and blood sugar.
* Check for clarity of vision, if you feel you are having clouded vision or blurred vision, visit your doctor immediately.
* Wear sunglasses to block the harmful UVA and UVB radiations.
* Check your vision regularly using the Amsler grid.
* Eat plenty of greens, and leafy vegetables and find also ways to prevent the cataract at


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