Celebrate World Health Day with 10% off at IDM!

Every year World Health Day is celebrated across the globe on 7th April to mark the creation of World Health Organization and draw attention to a global health concern. Every year WHO has a fresh, new theme and various organizations across the globe work towards achieving this.

This year, the theme is Universal Health Coverage with the motto of ‘Health For All’. IDM – www.internationaldrugmart.com supports this initiative by giving an exciting discount of 10% on medication on orders of $75 and more. Use code IDMWHD10 on April 7, 2018 and grab the offer. Save plenty on your medication. Enough to make your wallet smile and your health cheer!

Research shows that over half of the world’s population is currently unable to obtain essential health services. This is a sorry state-of-affairs and WHO has thrown the spotlight on it with its theme focusing on helping everyone in any part of the globe access at least a minimum level of health services.

We at www.internationaldrugmart.com have been committed to helping people especially senior citizens, those without insurance and those with diseases such as cancer and heart disease that call for expensive drugs access them at a cost that’s extremely affordable.

With drug companies hiking their prices at regular intervals, this comes as a great boon for those looking to save money on medication. We provide generic prescription and over-the-counter drugs that are significantly cheaper than their branded counterparts. Generic drugs are in no way inferior in terms of quality or composition of the branded drugs. They also provide the equal impact and every day thousands of new customers are discovering the advantages of buying generic. After all, money should not stand between anyone and their ability to enjoy good health.

The best time to buy is now as you get 10% off.


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