Chlamydia Symptoms and Treatment

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted bacterial infection that can affect the genital tract. This disease has different symptoms in both men and women. You can find the details at

Below are the diagnosis done for Chlamydia

* Culture swab – A sample is taken from the urethra for men and from the cervix in women. Women can get this test done while they get their regular Pap smear done.
* Urine test – A urine sample is collected from the patient and is sent to the laboratory to check for infection.

There are ways to cope up with this disease and prevent it also, and medicines available at International Drug Mart.

Here are few self care tips

* Avoid sexual intercourse when you are on medication for the infection.
* It is healthy to have single sexual partner rather than multiple partners.
* Do not indulge in sexual activities with outsiders; they might be carriers of the infection.
* Always use condoms.
* If you are sexually active, screen yourself for STD (sexually transmitted diseases) regularly.
* Avoid excessive smoking.


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