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We love what we do & we love the fact that we’re able to help people who other-wise wouldn’t be able to afford very expensive essential medicines even on Medicare. International Drug Mart is in a unique position to enable our customers to save money when they buy generic prescription & OTC drugs from us. Just as safe & effective as branded drugs, generic prescription drugs from undergo stringent testing to comply with FDA safety standards.

We asked several of our privileged customers why they return to again & again:

How long have you been shopping with International Drug
Michael Sanders: Quite a few years now. I first heard of them through friends, when I was looking for a way to buy my meds without going bankrupt. I did a bit of research of my own & International Drug Mart rating seemed to be good.

What advantages do you find with us when compared to other online drugstores?
Sanders: All the great deals that you put out regularly allow me to save even when I buy drugs that are quite expensive, especially on my paycheck. Of course, every time I buy, I save & earn through the Rewards Program. I get 4% earnings on my saving limit – a $200 credit each time I reach my savings limit!

Have you ever had problems with our generic drugs?
Not at all. In fact, Customer Support is quite meticulous in double checking that the drugs I’ve ordered come with a prescription. I’ve never had a bad experience with IDM. In fact, I’ve been able to cut down my medical bills because I shop my prescription drugs here.

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