Depression: is Here to Help

This year’s World Health Day focuses on Depression. The World Health Organization’s theme “Depression: Let’s Talk” helps boost awareness of Depression & the need to talk about it. offers FULL 10% OFF on all generic prescription & OTC drugs on the website, because people with depression may be battling other physical illnesses too.

Get FULL 10% OFF on all generic and Over- the –Counter drugs when you buy for just $75 or more. Use Code IDMWHD10 to opt into the discount. With healthcare insurance becoming more expensive for Americans, battling depression with drug or talk therapy has become increasingly difficult. With FULL 10% OFF on all generic & OTC drugs sitewide, people living with depression and their caregivers can breathe a little easier.

It’s estimated that 6.7% of Americans will have at least one major depressive episode this year. Depression is an illness marked by persistent sadness, a loss of interest in activities you normally enjoy, and an ability to carry out daily activities for at least 2 weeks. People battling depression also experience loss of energy, change in appetite, sleeping less or more, anxiety, reduced concentration, restlessness, feelings of worthlessness, guilt, hopelessness, and even thoughts of self- harm or suicide.

Depression is not a character flaw, and a person suffering from depression can’t simply ‘get over it’. The condition is treatable with talk therapy and/ or depressant drugs. Therapy and drugs may be used singly or in a combination – each person is unique & treatments vary between individuals.

IDM helps people living with depression and their care givers by offering FULL 10% OFF on all generic and OTC drugs on the website. Refill your prescription for as much or as little as you need. Use code IDMWHD10 when you buy for $75 or more to opt into the offer. The offer runs through April 7, 11:59 pm. (PST) The offer cannot be used along with any other offer on the website.


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