Don’t let HIV control your life anymore.

“My heart is heavy, I’m unsure of my life! Will I die tomorrow? I don’t want to change the love in the eyes of my parents, I’m already broken. How could this happen to me? I am going to die…”
Do these lines remind you of someone? Most HIV patients lose hope of living a normal life. They tend to become pessimistic and believe that their life has come to an end. At this stage they suffer with negative and suicidal thoughts, anxiety and depression.

A HIV positive person can live a healthy and happy life only if he/she has the right mind-set, positive attitude and regularly intakes prescribed medications. Anti-retroviral therapy plays a significant role in treating HIV. The first medication used in the treatment of early stage diagnosis of HIV is Atripla.

After intensive research FDA has released certain medications that have proven effective in the treatment of HIV. Stribild contains elvitegravir and Cobicistat which prevents HIV from multiplying in the body and extends the effect of elvitegravir. Truvada is a combination drug of emtricitabine and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate which reduces the risk of HIV infection in uninfected individuals who are at a high risk of HIV. With Anti-retroviral drugs taken alongside, it provides a complete treatment for HIV infection.

In 1993, the life expectancy of a HIV positive person was just 7 years from the day of diagnoses with HIV positive. By 2000 to 2012, the survival rate has increased worldwide to an additional 49 years. Advancement in HIV medications has made death rates drop by 80%.

Magic Johnson, a basketball player and a Gold Medalist at the Barcelona Olympics was diagnosed HIV Positive in 1991. Many people thought that he would not survive long but today he is one of the best basketball commentator, a successful businessman, an adorable husband and a grandfather of his son’s two kids. He still visits schools/colleges to run campaigns on the awareness of HIV and its prevention.

He dedicated himself to educate and help people diagnosed with HIV infection. He says, “If I knew what I knew today, I could still play basketball and do my thing, I probably wouldn’t have retired. But I’m a guy who doesn’t have regrets. I don’t look back. I’m happy, because I wanted to be here a long time.” After 20 years he is more confident about himself that he could live a long and healthy life with the support of medications and his positive attitude.

Johnson says “Every day, I just do what I’m supposed to do. The best doctors and medicine in the world can’t save you if you don’t do what you’re supposed to do.


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