Dr Reddy Omez Insta for oral suspension

Omez Insta powder for oral suspension – The recent powder formulation of Dr Reddy’s that gives instant remedy for sudden gastritis and also suitable for patients using Nasogastric tube feeding.

The Powder minimizes 78% of acid concentration in the stomach (Intra Gastric Acidity) within 30 minutes of intake. And it is approved by “The United States Food and Drug Administration” (USFDA). It contains Omeprazole Powder for oral Suspension & Sodium Bi-Carbonate as a buffering agent.

Omez Insta is used in the treatment of Anti-Ulcer, Acid Reduction, Acid & Gastro Esophageal Reflux.

International Drug Mart has added Omez Insta powder in “Over-The-Counter” Products.

Omez Insta 20mg powder for oral suspension 5.9gm – Buy Omez Insta 20mg powder


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