Emthexate (Methotrexate)

Generic for Emthexate 500mg and 1000mg vial solutions used for treating certain types of cancer are available online at International Drug Mart manufactured by Instas pharma. This interferes with the cells in bone marrow, skin cells and cancer cells.
Methotrexate, generic for Emthexate is usually taken twice a week. You can order these vials at discount price from International Drug Mart and save up to $199.98 which is not possible with any other online pharmacy. We supply to customers directly from the manufactures so they are very reliable and are of high quality.

Generic Emthexate 500mg vial

1 Vials $275.00
2 Vials $500.01 (Save $50.00)
3 Vials $731.28 (Save $93.72)
4 Vials $900.02 (Save $199.98)
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Generic Emthexate 1000mg Vial

1 Vials $72.24
2 Vials $131.35 (Save $13.13)
3 Vials $192.10 (Save $24.62)
4 Vials $236.43 (Save $52.53)

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Prices displayed are discounted prices. When you order more than one vial you can get discount and save the corresponding price as mentioned above.


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