Give your child the one shot to HEALTHY living!

National Immunization week is hosted between 21st and 28th April annually in the United States. Immunization protects children from infection and widely spreading diseases. It works as a life saver in most occasions. The mission of this week is to encourage and educate parents and guardians to get their little ones vaccinated and stay shielded.

Child Immunization

Vaccines are recommended for infants from birth till the age of 6. Most childhood vaccines are given in 2 sets at the recommended age. Immunization battles out largely against diphtheria, hepatitis, measles, mumps, pneumococcal disease, polio and yellow fever. The benefits of immunizations are extended from infants to adults, providing continuous protection against life-threatening diseases such as influenza and cancers.

It is all about protection. A vaccine stimulates the body’s immune system and protects the individual against infectious diseases. Vaccines are safe and effective. Don’t hesitate, Children are precious!


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