Happy 4th: IDM Offers FULL 10% OFF!

InternationalDrugMart.com offers a FULL 10% OFF on generic prescription & OTC drugs this Fourth of July. Take the opportunity to save on your drug costs, so you are able to stay on your treatment schedule longer. This is the perfect time to fill out prescriptions or just top up a few essentials & cut your medication expenses drastically. Buy for Just $75 & Get a FULL 10% OFF on InternationalDrugMart.com on July 4th. Use code “4thJulyIDMRx”.

InternationalDrugMart Independence Day Offer

With many Americans standing to lose affordable healthcare even when they have good insurance, buying generic prescription and OTC drugs helps save money for basic living expenses. Prices of drugs such as Imbruvica the leukemia drug, Invokana the diabetes treatment, and Xarelto the anti-clotting drug shot up recently. Since the start of the year the prices of branded drugs climbed into double-digit percentages as many drug manufacturers increase prices multiple times a year. Experts agree that his is one of the main factors for health insurance premiums to increase. It’s an acknowledged fact that between 26% to 28% of health insurance premiums go toward prescription drug costs, these costs may be as high as $100,000 a month for some Americans.

InternationalDrugMart.com sells only generic prescription & over -the -counter drugs that are bio-equivalent to their brand-name counterparts and affordable for senior citizens and those with no insurance. Patients skip doses or halve them in order to make their prescription medication last for longer only because they cannot afford the full cost of the drugs. This worsens the patient’s illness or condition & treatment may not be effective.

Make sure you save money on all your prescription and over- the- counter drugs and buy for a FULL 10% OFF on 4th July 2017. Use “4thJulyIDMRx” at checkout to opt into the offer. Remember to refill your prescription on July 4th. This offer cannot be used with any other promotional discount or activity on the website.


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