Herbal Hair Care Products

We at International Drug Mart have both herbal hair care products and generic medications for hair loss. Here we present you the whole list.

Anti Dandruff Hair Cream:

Herbal antidandruff cream having tree oil and rose marry as main ingredients fights against dandruff and keeps your hair smooth and soft and even controls your hair fall.

Hair Detangler:

This herbal hair detangler is easy to use and very effective too. It has to be just applied on your wet hair after your head bath and rinsed after 2minutes of application. You have soft smooth tangle free hair in just few minutes. Isn’t very easy!

Hair Loss Cream:

Hair loss might occur on various reasons. It might be due to stress, not having proper balance diet, illness, change in climate and water. Hair looses its strength becomes thin and then falls off. This herbal hair loss cream helps to strengthen and increase the density of hair and thus preventing the hair fall to a larger extent. This cream will not work for male baldness.

Protein Conditioner:

This herbal hair conditioner must be applied on the scalp after head bath and rinsed off thoroughly. Once this is being done then you will find your hair to be soft, smooth, shiny and easily manageable with out any tangles.

Protein Hair Cream:

This cream rich with proteins feeds the hair roots and shaft and keeps your hair healthy, smooth and shiny and prevents your hair fall. It is one of the best herbal hair nourishing cream.

Generic Medication for Hair Loss

Generic For Propecia:

Generic Propecia is used for treating hair loss in male. It is used for mild and moderate male pattern of baldness. It works for hair loss that takes place in the top or middle of the scalp. International Drug Mart supplies 1mg of generic propecia, to have a look at the various drugs that interact with generic for propecia visit our drug interaction section.


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