Herbal Soaps and Face Wash Products

Herbal soaps and face wash gels cleanses your face, refreshes and revitalizes the skin and keeps it glowing.

Herbal Soaps

Almond Soap, made with extracts of almond that soothens the skin. This soap is well suited for people with dry skin.

Cream & Honey Soap: This soap includes honey and milk, which moisturizes the skin well suited for dry and normal skin.

Cucumber Soap: This soap enriched with cucumber, nut grass, turmeric and coconut oil. It soothes, moistens and keeps the skin fresh. It suits best for normal and oily skin type.

Herbal Face Washes
For effective results while using herbal face wash gels, first moisten your face with warm water, then make a good lather in your hands and then wash face in giving circular motion. Rinsing with warm water is best, when done with lots of cold later it will aggravate the oil glands to pump more oil.

Various face washes at International Drug Mart are
Gentle Face Wash Cream: This herbal face wash cream contains cucumber and aloevera, which keeps the skin cool, clean and fresh. Best suited for normal and dry skin.

Gentle Face Wash Gel: It removes excess oil from face and does not leave the face dry like soaps. It is well suited for oily skin.

Neem Face Wash: Neem wash with extracts of turmeric and neem keeps the skin away from impurities due to its anti-bacterial properties. This face wash is also used to control pimples and acne.

For more information on other herbal products visit our Herbal Products Section.


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