How to Loose Weight

There are different ways on how you can reduce the weight. Makes small changes in your diet and lifestyle daily and you will find the difference one day.

Calculate you BMI (Body Mass Index), you can find it from the tool we have here also can find how much calories you need to take and we have calorie chart for both fruits and vegetables. Based on this you can plan your diet. You also need to burn your calories to maintain weight.

Calorie chart for fruits
Calorie chart for vegetables

If you are obese you need to take the help of medications. We at our pharmacy have generic medications as well as herbal products which can help you on obese and reduce weight. It is not a miracle to take place overnight it takes place gradually in healthy and sustainable way.

Generic Xenical (Orlistat) is one such medicine that helps you treat obesity and reduces the over weight. We have both generic for xenical 60mg and generic for xenical 120 mg. This medication will help along with reduced calorie diet.

Generic for Xenical (Orlistat) xenical

We also have herbal product called Ayurslim to loose weight. These capsules will help to reduce weight and maintain proper health. Obesity can lead to some other health problems too. This is safe and no side effects too.

Himalaya's Ayurslim capsules Slimming capsules

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