How to order as returning customer

If you are returning customer at International Drug Mart. Here are the steps that you need to follow in placing the order. It is easy process to complete your purchase, which is explained below.

1. Please click on “Drug Search” tab on the top left corner of the main menu, to start your purchase. This drug search is available in header part of website in all the pages.
Drug Price/Search (Alphabetical listing)

2. Now you are in pricelist page (pricelist.html) and you can either search the drug by alphabet or by the drug category..

Drug alphabetical and category listing

3. When you click on any particular alphabet, it will take you to the particular alphabet’s drugs list page. As it is illustrated in below picture…

A alphabet drug list

Suppose you are looking for Aggrenox and click on drug name, then it will take you to the aggrenox page. It will display the all information about aggrenox like dosage, quantity, price and manufacturer from whom we supply the drugs. Below is the image on how Aggrenox page would look like.

Aggrenox Drug

4. Click on add to cart button- based on the number of pills you need (quantity). Now the drug of required dosage and quantity will be added into your shopping Cart. The shopping cart page will look as below

If you want to add more products to the cart you can do so by clicking the continue shopping button and following the same process above. You can also delete product from cart in case if you have added any medication by mistake in the cart. Before choosing the checkout option as a new customer you can enter the promotional code if you have any as mentioned in the image above. If you don’t have any promotional code and finished adding drugs to cart, choose the checkout options, as I am Returning customer and proceed with the check out process as mentioned below.

Returning Customer

5.When you click “I am returning Customer” You will directed to login page, where you need to enter your user name and password and click login.

Enter Login Details

After you login, you need to enter your credit card type, name, card number, expiry date, and ccv number.

Enter Credit Card Details

If you wish to change your previously entered billing address, shipping address, your personal information, health profile and password you need to click the respective modify button, enter the data that needs to be updated.

6. You have to just review your details before you complete your purchase.
Review Your Shipping Details

7. Click “Complete Purchase” button to complete your purchase.
Complete Purchase

8.Once you have completed purchase, your receipt is generated as you can see the image below. You can even take the print out the order receipt for future verifications.

Complete your Order

We hope it is much clear. In case you have doubts and queries you can contact our online support agent or mail it to us at or fill contact us page

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International Drug Mart


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