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Here’s a step by step description about how to order generic prescription and OTC drugs on

1. Click on the “+ Pharmacy” Tab you see on the top left corner of the main menu to start your purchase. This menu is available at the top of all the pages of the website.

2. Browse Alphabetically or by Category. Once in the Pharmacy, click on each alphabet or category to browse the drugs you need.

3. Select the drug you need from the list of drugs beginning with the alphabet you selected.
I. E., Clicking on the drug Aggrenox beginning with the alphabet “A” will take you to the relevant drug page with all the information including dosage, price, quantity, etc. Take a look at how a drug page looks like:

4. Select the quantity you need by clicking on the Add-to-Cart button (different dosages are categorized on separate drug pages).

5. The Shopping Cart will invite you to enter any Coupon Codes you may have. If you don’t have any promotional codes and have finished shopping, add the drugs to the Shopping Cart, choose the checkout options, click on “I am a New Customer” and proceed with the checkout process. You can also delete products from the cart in case you change your mind. If you want to add more products to the cart, you can do so by clicking the “Continue Shopping” button. The shopping cart page will look like this:

6. Once you click on “I am a new customer”, it will take you to the Customer Information page, where you can fill in your personal information and billing address details.

7. Select “Yes” if the shipping address is same as the billing address.
Select “No” to provide a separate shipping address. The “Shipping Address” page will look like this:

8. Enter your details in the “Account Setup” page & click on the “Continue” button to save your details for later purchases.

9. Once you set up your account, you’ll be taken to the health profile page where you can fill in the details applicable to you. Once you’ve reviewed your health information, click “Continue.”

10. On the “Order Page,” choose the payment type – Visa Card or Check.

11. If you pay with your Credit/Debit Card, you will have to fill out the relevant information.

12. If you pay with a Check, you will have to provide your Check details.

13. Review your billing and shipping details, if you need to modify any of the details do so by clicking on the modify button and update the changes.

14. After reviewing your Order details click the “Complete Purchase” button to finish your purchase & continue on to the receipt page.

15. Once your purchase is completed, your receipt is generated online. You can even take a print-out for future verifications.

In case you have any clarifications, our online support agents will be happy to help you. You can also mail us at or contact us here:



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