Hypertension/High Blood Pressure Medications

Hypertension / High Blood pressure means that there is more pressure in the arteries that carries blood to all the tissues of our body.

Normal Blood Pressure will be below – 120/80

Symptoms are not clearly visible but it causes serious complication like heart attacks or strokes. Some people have headaches, dizziness, blurred vision and breathing difficulties as a symptom of hypertension. It is best to take doctors prescription to avoid serious complication for safer and happy life.

Medications at International Drug Mart for treating Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Generic Medications

Generic Accupril (Quinapril hydrochloride)
Generic Aldactone (Spironolactone)
Generic Altace (Ramipril)
Generic Avapro (Irbesartan)
Generic Betoptic (Betaxolol)
Generic Bisoprolol (Bisoprolol Fumarate)
Generic Caduet (Amlodipine)
Generic Calan (Verapamil)
Generic Capoten (Captopril)
Generic Capotril
Generic Cardura (Doxazosin)
Generic Clonidine
Generic Clonidine-Chlorthalidone
Generic Cosopt
Generic Covera – HS (Verapamil)
Generic Cozaar (Losartan)
Generic Demadex (Torsemide)
Generic Doxazosin
Generic Esidrix(Hydrochlorothiazide)
Generic Hydrochlorothiazide
Generic Hydrodiuril (Hydrochlorothiazide)
Generic Hyzaar (Losartan-hydrochlorothiazide)
Generic Inderal (Propranolol)
Generic Isoptin (Verapamil)
Generic Labetalol (Labetalol HCL)
Generic Lasix (Furosamide)
Generic Lisinopril
Generic Lisinopril-HCTZ
Generic Lopressor (Metoprolol)
Generic Lotensin (Benazepril)
Generic Lotrel (Benazepril and amlodipine)
Generic Lozol (Indapamide)
Generic Micardis HCT (Telmisartan – hydrochlorothiazide)
Generic Microzide (Hydrochlorothiazide)
Generic Monopril
Generic Nebilet (Nebivolol)
Generic Norvasc (Amlodipine)
Generic Prinivil (Lisinopril)
Generic Remeron (Mirtazapine)
Generic Risperdal (Risperidone)
Generic Tenoretic (Atenolol-Chlorthalidone)
Generic Tenormin (Atenolol)
Generic Terazosin
Generic Thioridazine
Generic Timolol
Generic Timoptic (Timolol)
Generic Toprol (Metoprolol)
Generic Torsemide
Generic Trandate (Labetalol)
Generic Vaseretic(Enalapril-hydrochlorothiazide)
Generic Vasotec
Generic Verapamil, Generic Verapamil SR
Generic Verelan (Verapamil)
Generic Zebeta (Bisoprolol Fumarate)
Generic Zestoretic (Lisinopril-HCTZ)

Herbal medication for hypertension.



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