Know the cause of Pregnancy Awareness Week (7th – 13th February 2011)

Pregnancy is a very joyful journey for every woman towards the path motherhood. To create awareness & educate women about pregnancy, February 7 – 13th is been celebrated this year.Pregnancy Awareness Week

Keynotes of Pregnancy Awareness Week are:

  • Birth preparedness
  • Need for regular checkups
  • About Self Caring includes hygiene & Nutrition
  • Complication readiness
  • HIV testing
  • Antenatal care
  • Explaining about the role of father & mother to the couples.

Some Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy Period:

  • Avoid drink alcohol and smoking.
  • Sound Sleep – Atleast 8 hrs a day.
  • Avoid taking other medications without doctor advice including OTC & Herbal Products
  • Exercise – Slow walking for 15 – 20 minutes daily
  • Wear loose & comfortable dress.
  • Having healthy foods like leafy veggies, fruits and vegetables. Avoid taking artificial food items.
  • Take Iron & Folic Acid Supplements with physician’s advice.

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