Makeover: The All New Interactive Voice Response System

International Drug Mart is always looking at ways to streamline our process in order to make shopping for your prescription & OTC drugs much easier. Our latest make- over is the Interactive Voice Response service that guides you effortlessly whether you’re a new customer, when you need to know more about your order status or when you’re refilling your prescription through our IVR system.

When you buy generic drugs from us, we ensure that the drugs are genuine and adhere to the FDA’s regulatory guidelines. We make sure that you’re provided the most effective medicines at a fraction of the cost of branded prescription & OTC drugs. We are dedicated to improving our response times, which is why we want to guarantee your experience with us is smooth at all times.

The Interactive Voice Response System aims to guide you through the entire website, without having to wait to speak to a customer support executive. Since many of our customers can only get in touch with us during weekends, the Interactive Voice Response ensures we’re in touch with your needs 24/7.

Our offices are located in Cyprus & are open from Monday through Saturday (08.00 AM EST to 08.00 PM PST). You can reach us at 1- 866- 419- 7475 (Toll Free) or fax us at 1- 888- 726- 8418.


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