March Is For Women! has something special for all women on March 8. It’s Women’s Day & we want to look out for your health with a FULL 5% OFF on all prescription & OTC drugs! In the march for a more inclusive, gender equal world, Women’s Day Offer from International Drug Mart offers all women FULL 5% OFF on purchases worth $75 & more. Use code “IDMRxWomen.” Come buy all you need to look after your unique health requirements on March 8, 2017.

The FULL 5% OFF Women’s Day Offer is available for new & existing customers, when you buy any prescription and OTC product for $75 or more, only for 24 hours. Buy only as much as you need get yourself a FULL 5% OFF.

Many women face economic uncertainties and are burdened with healthcare costs unique to the female reproductive system. Looking around for generic prescription and OTC drugs is sometimes the only way to afford expensive drugs for chronic illnesses that are not covered by a woman’s insurance.

The elderly and those who’re unable to work due to their illnesses are also caught in a vicious cycle of expensive medication and being unable to afford basic living needs. To counter this, offers generic prescription and OTC drugs at much cheaper prices than brand name drugs.

Spread the word about IDM’s Women’s Day Offer to your family, friends and acquaintances. Both new & loyal customers earn FULL 5% OFF when they buy any prescription and OTC drugs for $75 or more. Use “IDMRxWomen” at checkout to take advantage of the FULL 5% discount.

This offer is valid ONLY on March 8th, 2016 until 11:59pm (PST). The IDM Women’s Day offer cannot be used with any other promotional offers or discounts currently on the website.


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