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Thank you for visiting our blog. Today we are going to direct you to a couple of pages which you could have probably missed in the past. They are comprehensive charts, tables, schedules and health calculators charted out to provide you with instant answers for complex health questions.

Body Mass Index Calculator is used to measure body fat based on height and weight. It confirms if you are overweight, underweight, obese or normal

High Blood Pressure can be a silent killer. Referring with this table will help you keep a watch on the rise and fall of your blood pressure

Calorie Chart for Fruits and Vegetables lets you know about the nutritional content in different fruits and vegetables allowing you to structure their intake for a balanced diet

Diabetes control chart displays the range of blood sugar levels that can be maintained against those which should be controlled

Height and Weight chart indicates the proportionate height and weight to be maintained by an individual

Immunization schedule is a handy reference of vaccinations specifying the timings of all doses

Bookmark these pages and periodically check if you are in tune with these schedules. Stay connected to our blog for more useful and beneficial information.


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