Now it is Easy to Refill your Medications

Login via customer login, you can refill your orders. After logging in you will find order history tab, where you will find the list of previous orders that you have ordered with our pharmacy. You can refill medications that you have ordered with us for this you just need to click on the “refill” button corresponding to the order id for which you want to refill. You can also get the order details by clicking the “ details” button next to it.

Process for refilling your order
1. Choose the order for which you want to refill and click refill button.
2. After you click refill, you will displayed with the medications details with price and shipping.
3. If you want to add more products you can do so by clicking “yes”. If you don’t want to add more products just click “No”
4. Enter credit card details and click complete purchase button and your receipt will be generated.

Here is the image on where you can find the “Refill button” in your account.

Customer Login


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