Obesity is just not about a big belly

“In the 10 cities with the nation’s highest obesity rates, the direct costs connected with obesity and obesity-related diseases are roughly $50 million per 100,000 residents. And if these 10 cities just cut their obesity rates down to the national average, all added up they combine to save nearly $500 million in healthcare costs each year”, quotes First Lady Michelle Obama at the National League of Cities conference, 2011.
Weight loss
It would be silly to define Obesity as it has become a very common condition amongst children & adults and is considered a global issue. According to World Health Organization, roughly 2.8 million people die of obesity every year.

Obesity is just not about a big belly and a wrecking waistline; it’s about inviting cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, thyroid and more diseases/disorders.

Is there a quick answer to ‘What causes Obesity?’ NO! There is no ‘one particular reason’ why people get obese. Excess eating, mindless snacking, lifestyle changes, emotional imbalance and genes are the most popular reasons if we should name a few.

The small steps you take each day to alter your food habits and lifestyle will bring about a drastic and positive change in your weight and personality. You may be thinking, advising is super easy against actually sticking to the plan and executing it, that’s why we introduce to you diet pills. These pills work by limiting your cravings and preparing you for a thought-out meal. Consider mild exercising and periodic intake of sparsely cooked veggies, fresh fruits and low-calorie snacks.

Do this and keep a close check on the nature of foods you consume each day, later sit back and celebrate your fitness feats.


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