Painless Easy Hair Removal Cream for Women VEET HAIR REMOVAL CREAM

Girls!!! Imagine getting a smooth, silky legs & hands in just 3 minutes without any pain or spending much of your money….

Teen girls & women spend lot of dollars on expensive cosmetic products & to beauty parlors for silky smooth hairless skin. Some girls do hair removal in home by waxing or shaving. Using waxing is quite painful or hair break-off might happen. While shaving causes more hair re-growth and continued shaving results in coarser & rougher hair.

Professional Hair Removal is done by doctors & dermatologist using Laser Hair Removal Treatment. But it has lot of side effects like rashes, skin burning or discoloration and some related skin problems. Moreover Laser Hair removal treatment is too costly.

VEET HAIR REMOVAL CREAM FOR WOMEN – The answer for sexy silk smooth skin.

Veet doesn’t cut the hair; instead it dissolves the hair – which means the hair which regrowth is delayed.

 Veet Hair Removing Cream
3 Steps – 3 Minutes – Sexy & Smooth Skin

  • Apply the Veet Hair Removal Cream evenly with the help of given spatula.
  • Leave the cream for 3 Minutes (to maximum extent of 5 minutes).
  • Rinse with water.

Precautions: Read the Procedure catalog before use.

Buy Veet Hair Removal Cream

We now have only for normal skin. The Veet Hair Removal Creams for other types of skin will be available with us very soon.


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