Promotional Codes/Coupon Codes at International Drug Mart

You can avail $10 discount at our pharmacy, InternationalDrugMart. You need to apply these promotional/coupon codes after you add the products into the cart. In the cart page there is section where you can enter the code and get discount.

Below is the image of the cart page, where you can find the details on entering promotional codes.

Apply promotional code

After you enter the promotional code, click, apply and discount will be automatically applied. Then continue you checkout process.
Here are few promotional/coupon codes that you can use to avail this $ 10 discount if you are purchasing above $70 and 10% discount if you are purchasing less than $70

1. 34NP3
2. RHI32
3. SIDI9
4. D63AG
6. 34AGI
7. I4AGN
8. RCEC4
9. G6IIA
10. PO88I

These are one time use coupon codes. If you have any problem with any of these promotional codes during your check out, or if you need more coupon codes to avail discount you can contact our customer support at


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