Rapamune – Generic Sirolimus – A life saving medication

Rapamune, Generic of Sirolimus is an Immunosuppressant (anti-rejection) drug that is used at the time of organ transplantation for the prevention of body from rejecting a transplanted organ.

When the organs are been transplanted, the receiver’s immune will be giving negative response to the new organ since it is considered as a foreign material. This will result in the rejection of the new organ. The immunosuppressant drugs are used to minimize the chance of rejection of the new organ & also help in proper protecting & preservation of it.
This drug stops the function of the organ receiver’s immune system such that it is less likely to react with the transplanted organ.

The Immunosuppressant drugs are also used in the treatment of autoimmune diseases like

• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Alopecia areata
• Skin disorders as psoriasis
• Crohn disease

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