Shower your love this Valentine Day with the gift of good health to your loved ones

Love is in the air, love is in what you do, when it matters the most. A loved one on long term medication can experience the greatest relief with effective medication that delivers the desired outcomes. Treatment regimens are not meant to be skipped, for any reason whatsoever. At International Drug Mart we are aware of the burden in costs that individuals and family members need to bear when a loved one is on extended treatment. This month, we extend to you a very special discount of 20% on all medications, on orders valued above $75. This effectively works out to a cool $15 for every purchase worth $75. The higher the amount, the deeper the discount. This will help you stock up on long term medication, without emptying your wallet.

We know exactly where the shoe pinches and this is precisely why we extend a helping hand to our customers who shop on our site. This month, symbolic of the celebration of love, we go the extra mile in letting you show your loved ones that you care. It is not always roses and chocolates that will build bonds, but care that can prove your love, especially when it matters the most. Avail this 20% discount by using code LOVE20 to redeem the discount on your shopping cart.

At International Drug Mart, we enjoy a reputation that is rock solid, we are proud of our achievements in maintaining the highest standards in procurement of medication. We constantly work towards incorporating processes that will keep us compliant by default, with the requirements of the FDA. The medications we sell on our platform meet all standards and this is achieved through carefully monitored processes. Our dedicated customer support team and our reliable shipping partners work in tandem to ensure that medications arrive on time at your doorstep.

Our support executives continue to excel in the fine art of understanding the needs of customers and the possible situations in which a customer finds himself or herself. This approach towards handling requirements and calls has helped us to live up to our commitment to be of assistance. The discount that we have rolled out specially is to show that we care. It is time for you to prove to your loved ones that you care, in ways that go beyond flowers and chocolates.

Go ahead use LOVE20 in your shopping cart, and be the Valentine.


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