Stop Malaria. End Deaths.

World Malaria day is globally observed on April 25th each year. It is one of the most deadly tropical diseases that affect almost 40% of the world’s population. Malaria spreads through infectious mosquitoes or is transmitted from the previous blood meal of an infected human/animal. It also spreads through the usage of contaminated syringes and needles.

Stop Malaria. End Deaths. The World Health Assembly initiated The World Malaria Day in May 2007 to recognize the efforts taken globally to control and prevent Malaria.

The theme for World Malaria Day 2012 is “Sustain Gains, Save Lives: Invest in Malaria”. Malaria death rates have been reduced by 50% and the overall child mortality rate to 20% in the last ten years. This has created a record in the history of World Malaria Control. Thanks to this initiative.

Malaria can be prevented by anti-malarial drugs and antibiotics, bed-nets and personal protection measures to maintain a healthy and clean environment that precludes the breeding of mosquitoes.


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