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Summer is a much-awaited season and the perfect time for the fun, games and vacations. However, it comes with a fair share of ailments that you need to stay aware of.

One of the most common summer ailments is a headache that comes from hours out in the sun. This could be because heat is known to make blood vessels in your head expand and press nerve endings. Besides this, dehydration and strenuous exercise can also lead to headaches. Not being judicious about sun exposure could lead to a heat stroke or hyperthermia which is a result of prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

Sunburn is another serious summer issue to be taken care of. This can create long-term skin damage and even skin cancer. Recreational water activities can sometimes make you catch bacterial infections and other water-borne illnesses. It’s not just rivers and lakes that can make you sick, pools and hot tubs can also make you land up with gastrointestinal problems; skin, ear and eye infections besides respiratory, neurological and viral problems

Who doesn’t love summer barbecues and picnics? However, if you do not take care, this could lead to food poisoning as food spoils faster in the heat. Choose food that will not spoil fast or go with food that you can prepare fresh at your destination. Food poisoning can give you vomiting or diarrhea. In most cases, this would abate in a day or two but in rare cases hospitalization would be needed.

Summer despite all the risks is to enjoy the outdoors! Stock up your medicine stash with our exciting Summer Saver Offer. You get 10% off on orders over $70. The offer is on from 13th July to 22nd July. Use Code IDMSUMMER to avail this exciting offer.


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