Tadalista Tablets

Tadalista manufactured by Fortune Healthcare has active ingredient named tadalafil, which is generic bio equivalent of tadalafil. Tadalista (Tadalafil) is used to treat male impotence and erectile dysfunction. This medication can be taken along with or with out food. Avoid taking alcohol, grape juice when you take Tadalista

The active ingredient of Tadalafil is also sold under several names like Apcalis and Cialis. Tadalista gives sames results as that of sildenafil citrate.

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  1. Kenny Rogers

    Thanks for posting… great info!!!

  2. Robert A.

    Good post.

  3. Charles

    I have tried both the brand cialis and generic tadalafil. There is no much difference in effectiveness as far as I can say between the brand and eneric versions. The real difference is price.

  4. Calvin55

    Your content is great. & I always Find Great informations & Shopping Deals Hereā€¦

  5. James Bonner

    What is the difference between viagra and tadalafil? Is there any difference in how they work? which is cheaper?

  6. Ammy
    IDM Blog Managersays:

    Hello James, Both Viagra & Tadalafil (Cialis) basically have the same mechanism of action; That is, they increase the flow of blood to penis which helps in maintaining erection during sexual stimulation.
    To know about the difference, visit this page http://blog.internationaldrugmart.com/viagra-cialis-levitra-know-the-difference/

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