Tea and Coffee Good for Heart

“People who drink several cups of tea or coffee a day could be at lower risk of heart disease,” reports the BBC. The news channel says drinking tea could cut the chances of a heart attack by up to a third.

The news is based on a Dutch study that followed 38,000 people for over a decade, looking at their risk of stroke, cardiovascular incidents and death. When examining the association between coffee consumption and events relating to heart disease, the study found that drinking moderate amounts of coffee (two to three cups a day) was better than a little or a lot. With tea, drinking more than six cups a day was linked to the lowest risk.

There have been a number of contradictory research findings about the benefits and harms of caffeine. (For example, the Metro reports that a separate Italian study has recently found an increased risk of rheumatoid arthritis for women who drink tea.) Although the Dutch study is an interesting contribution to the debate, its limitations mean that it cannot prove that coffee and tea have a direct effect on heart attack risk.”
Source: http://www.nhs.uk/news/2010/06June/Pages/tea-and-coffee-good-for-heart.aspx

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