The Hard & The Easy: New Year’s Stop Smoking Resolution

Its Cool man”, “To Relive from stress”, “Just Time Pass” – reasons given by smokers. Stop SmokingHave you ever halted to think about how smoking affects your body? Well!!! a small information for teens who think smoking makes you look mature or sexy – Ofcourse Smoking makes you look matured, you can add upto 10 yrs to your look by the time you reach 35 or 40. For those who say to get relief from stress – smoking leads to Alzheimer – A Brain Disorder that’ll lead to intellectual progressive decline, dementia & physical problems.

What are the other health problems of smoking?

And the list continues so on…..

Do you feel, its time for you to stop smoking?

Frankly, Quitting Smoke isn’t that easy. After all, Cigarette contains a powerful addictive drug called nicotine. But with the right medication & approach, you can surly stop smoking.

Medications for Stop Smoking (Antismoking Drugs):

CHAMPIX (Varenicline) 1mg Maintenanace PackCHAMPIX (Varenicline): A smoke impasse medication, which is prescribed to smokers to stop smoking. It act as a nicotine receptors in brain and helps smokers to avoid cigarette.

NICORETTE (Nicotine Polacrilex): Nicorette comes in the form of chewing gum which provides low level of nicotine to stop/quit smoking.

CHANTIX (Varenicline): Chantix minimizes the smoking urge; also it withdraws the symptoms of restlessness, dizziness, nicotine craving etc.

VARENICLINE: Varenicline is a nicotinic acetylcholine receptor. These are some medications that are prescribed by doctors for stop smoking.

Stop Smoking Tips

  • Some people have the habit of smoking after eating. They can try to have after fruits, chewing gum or chocolate instead.
  • Trying non-Alcoholic drinks
  • Keep yourself active all day, this’ll distract you.
  • Go for oral substitute like chewing gum.
  • Drink lots of water, it’ll detoxify you.

Trash the Ash!!!.


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