The InternationalDrugMart Journey of 9 years..

Exclusive $9 and 9% OFF anniversary sale for 9days

Woot! This year, on August 29th, we turn 9 years old! We know we couldn’t have achieved this milestone without you. Over the last few years it has been a privilege and a pleasure to build a strong and meaningful relationship with you. As a token of our appreciation we have an exclusive $9 and 9% OFF anniversary sale for 9days especially for you.

When we started InternationalDrugMart in 2003, our plan was to provide low cost, safe prescription generic medication for the uninsured and senior citizens of the US. In a couple of years, our online drugstore received great response! InternationalDrugMart grew with every multiplying customer.
Soon we had to expand out of Cyprus and establish our Logistic centers in 3 continents. The Online store was redesigned 3 times in these 9 years to upgrade its technological standard and institute a convenient user interface. We are proud of the fact that InternationalDrugMart is the only Discount Pharmacy to provide a 360 degree product view.

Our Customers continued patronage and positive word of mouth has helped us reach and serve many thousands of customers worldwide. With the number of longstanding years in the market, we have grown in product diversity, variety in brands, delivery capabilities, infrastructure, facility and customer base.

We hope you benefit from the $9 and 9% OFF anniversary offer for 9days and look forward to being your health partner in the years to come.

Warm Regards,
The Management


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