The National Polio Eradication Awareness Week – 4-11th April 2011

Poliomyelitis or Polio – infectious viral disease that hostile the nervous system and may result in total Paralysis in a matter of few hours. Polio mainly affects the infant and children below 5 years.

World Health Organization (WHO), South African Vaccination and Immunization Centre (SAVIC), South Africa Department of Health and many more organizations are many actions to eradicate Polio. These organizations have made successful support and also achieved reasonable surveillance.

The National Polio Eradication Awareness Week

April 4th – 11th this year (2011) is been celebrated as “The National Polio Eradication Awareness Week” to create cognizance the devastating illness of polio.

We know how much your child is important for you… Immunize them in the proper ages & Give a healthy future…

Here is a link for chart of Recommended Immunization Schedule :

Love them,
Protect them,
Immunize them.


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