Thyroid: small yet dicey

Thyroid gland is popularly described as a small, butter-fly shaped structure located in the lower front of the neck, just above the collar bones and below the voice box”. hypothyroidism

Often unnoticed and disregarded, many are unaware of the issues caused by the thyroid gland. It ensures that the body utilizes sufficient energy and is responsible for the endocrine system to secrete enzymes necessary for the physical functioning and metabolism. Thyroid disorders are more common than cancer and heart ailments.

If statistics are to be believed, almost 50 million Americans may be suffering from undiagnosed thyroid conditions. Thyroid is often misdiagnosed to be a mental issue and symptoms are characterized to sleeping disorders and overeating. If the problem persists, issues such as inability to lose weight, depression, exhaustion, anxiety, hair loss, sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures could occur as a result of an over or under-active thyroid. An under active thyroid is a much more serious condition rendering more risks to women than men.

Thyroid gland influences the functions of most important organs in the body like heart, brain, liver, kidney and skin. Remember the following pointers and keep a close check of your thyroid.

  • People over 50 years have a higher risk of thyroid though it can strike at any age
  • Women are prone 6 to 8 times more in developing thyroid than men
  • High stress is also a high risk factor for developing thyroid
  • Those with a family history of thyroid are more likely at risk
  • Smokers are at a higher risk as cigarettes contain thiocyanate, a chemical that adversely affects the thyroid gland acting as an anti-thyroid agent

The spirit to be healthy is as important as recovery itself. Regular intake of medicines, timely consultation with the doctor, balanced diet, sleeping sufficiently and exercising periodically are essential practices to fight out thyroid issues thoroughly. Proper working of the Thyroid gland is essential for the maintenance of overall health.

So when are you getting your thyroid checked?


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