Time for hypertensive patients to cheer – massive exclusive discounts on blood pressure medication

Most individuals are unaware that annually, patients with hypertension in the US, spend an additional 2000$ on medication. One third of the total US adult populace are reportedly suffering from high blood pressure. This often makes it difficult for a significant percentage of the patients to procure medication or follow the regimen that is necessary to manage the condition. The condition requires long term medication and this makes it all the more difficult for patients to afford the treatment that is mandatory. The number of conditions that manifest as a result of hypertension makes it extremely challenging for patients, demanding proper treatment and medication.

At International Drug Mart, we remain at the forefront of fighting ailments that seriously impact lives of patients.
Our records indicate that hypertensive patients are among the most affected, in terms of expenses, due to the long term nature of the medications and the changes in lifestyle that are necessary. Consequently, we extend a massive discount, exclusively for medication to treat hypertension. Patients with high blood pressure can avail a huge discount of 25% on all hypertension medication till the 31st of March for orders valued at 30$ or above. This will help patients to stock up on medication, and use the savings for routine expenses. This will help balance the expenses of patients, without impacting treatment.

All that you need to do is use code HBP25 at check out and avail this discount. This offer is not available for medication that is not related to treatment of hypertension/high blood pressure. Our commitment to quality will remain unchanged forever, and the medications/products available on International Drug Mart are FDA approved, sourced from the most reputed manufacturers globally. Every single product that makes it our online inventory, undergoes a stringent assessment across multiple parameters, which explains our reputation in the market as one of the most reliable online pharmacies.


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