Turn this World Health Day into a new beginning of good health

The recent pandemic has pushed global populations to introspect and realize the importance of health at an entirely different level. While most individuals are aware, there has always been a gap in maintaining good health. And this includes the need for sticking to a regimen of medication, lifestyle and dietary changes. Annually, the 7th of April is marked as the World Health Day, to create and increase awareness among global populations about health related issues. The commemorative day for the founding of WHO has been used to improve global health through awareness programs.

At International Drug Mart, we take this Day to the next level, through discounts that make a meaningful difference in the shopping carts of visitors to our site. As one of the leading and reputed online pharmacies, we believe in rendering every possible help to buyers. The World Health Day is special to us as it gives us an opportunity to help spread awareness and make a difference in the lives of individuals. We join in this initiative by offering a discount of 15% on orders above 50%. This offer can be used for purchasing medication of all categories, between the 1st and 15th of April. To redeem the offer simply use Code WHD15 at shopping cart.

We reiterate our commitment on this World Health Day to our customers. We will continue to maintain the highest standards in sourcing FDA approved medications, and we will ensure that affordable costs are maintained without compromise in any aspect of the product/shipment. Our teams are working with greater commitment in this time of global pandemic to ensure that stocks are available and shipped to buyers. We request buyers to place orders as early as possible and stock adequate quantities of medication as deliveries are impacted due to the pandemic. While every effort is being made to rush deliveries, certain conditions are beyond our control which may result in slightly delayed deliveries. Buyers are requested to factor in possible delays while placing orders to ensure that medication dependent patients are not affected.

This pandemic will pass. But let this World Health Day remind that health is a priority always.


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