What Males Need To Know About Female Menopause

Female MenopauseMood swings, hot flushes, night sweat, depression, lack of sexual appetite, crashing fatigue, headache, weight gain, and change in body odor – you know all the physical symptoms of your wife’s menopause. However, do you know how you can deal with it emotionally? How you can help her through this horror hormone time? Here’s a quick guide, on how to deal with female menopause, so that you and your wife come out of it, stronger and more in love.

  • Do sufficient research about menopause. The more a husband knows about it the better he can help his wife.
  • Communicate with your wife in a positive way. Joking about menopause is not positive and is insensitive. Encourage her to talk about how she is feeling. She truly needs someone to talk to about the changes taking place and her options. Be that person who listens.
  • Persuade your wife to seek medical attention. Her health care provider will be able to discuss medical ways to handle her symptoms of menopause. She can ask for advice and clear all the doubts she may have. Yes, it is a natural process but a doctor can really make it smoother.
  • Find out more about the variety of options she has, to deal with menopause. Share them with her, then step back and support whatever decision she makes on how to handle her menopause.
  • Don’t completely ignore what she says just because you know it’s clouded by hormones – there may be a germ of truth in what she says, and if that something is about you, you need to deal with it.
  • Many women go through depression at this point of their lives. Their reproductive cycle has ceased and this is hard to deal with it. Showing your wife that she is still a wonderful, beautiful woman will help her immensely. Encourage her to do something creative, create something beautiful, get involved in an inspiring project.
  • Show your wife that you love her. A woman dealing with the changes of her body will need all the love you can give. Remember, the times that she will need this love will usually be the most difficult of times, so be prepared with patience.


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