What to do when Menopause thrives you

The Menopause is caused by inadequacy secretion of the Estrogen and Progesterone Hormone. Almost 70% of the world’s Women Population is affected by the Menopause Symptoms.

The most common symptoms experienced by the Menopause women are:

  1. Disorientation, Increase in allergies
  2. Irritability, Disturbing memory lapses
  3. Irregular heart beat, Changes in nails, Weight Gain
  4. Difficulty concentrating, Clammy Feeling, Mood swings, Dizziness
  5. Increase in facial hair, Hair loss or Thinning
  6. Trouble sleeping through the night
  7. Aching, sore joints & muscles, Crashing Fatigue and Tendons
  8. Increased tension in muscles, Hot or Cold flashes
  9. Gastrointestinal distress, indigestion, flatulence
  10. Mental Confusion, Depression, Loss of libido

The common treatment that is taken by the women is “Hormone Replacement Treatment”. But now the doctors are prescribing the Anti-Depressants for the menopause Women (All Generic Drugs of AntiDepressant can be found in the page – http://www.internationaldrugmart.com/drug-category/anti-depressants.html)

Even though Depression is not the only sign of menopause stage, the physicians have found that the AntiDepressant medicines help the women from Mental Confusion, Depression, Mood swings, Dizziness and also in the Trouble sleeping through the night

Some of the Hormone Pills available in International Drug Mart are:


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