22 Dead, 800 Infected in Germany – Cucumber or Bean Sprouts? E.coli Catastrophe Growing

New bacterial found to be spreading to humans causing more than 20 people dead. Scientists are doing research the mode of communication – First it was said to be that, its spreading through cucumber. But now some researchers have said that the E.coli Bacteria is spreading through Bean sprouts.

The syndrome is found to be Haemolytic-Uremic – A Foodborne disease causing diarrhea and resulting in Chronic Renal Disease, Scleroderma and Malignant hypertension.

Similarly in 2006 a same type of bacteria found to be transmitted through Spinach and killed 3 people, sickening more than 200.

Prevention methods:
• Don’t use Un-Pasteurized milk, juice and cider.
• Use ever product after through washing
• Avoid having raw meat
• Have only freshly prepared and nicely cooked food.

Children under 5 years and elder people are advised to take more precautious steps.

Since taking Anti-Biotic and Anti-Diarrheal medications, can make the E.Coli even more badly – it’s in our hands by taking self care to prevent E.coli Bacterial disease.

Various research and steps are been made to control the spread of E.Coli bacteria.


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