Be Inspired By Olympians Who Triumphed Over Adversity!

Gold medals and praise aren’t the only things Olympians take home. Injuries from training and performing the sport they love are a normal occupational hazard. Let’s see how some of them fixed themselves. It may inspire you to work on getting back on your feet too.

Kerri Strug: Gold Medalist at Atlanta in 1996
Kerri Strug is one of the most admired gymnasts in American history.Injured Olympian Inspite of a fall, resulting in a sprained ankle and ligament damage, she bounced back on the vault for a second time to win her team an Olympic gold. Kerri received immediate treatment on her ankle injury, which led to a fast recovery. Many people ignore ankle injuries, which could be dangerous as it may cause permanent dysfunction later.

Usain Bolt: Gold Medalist at Beijing 2008
Usain Bolt from Jamaica is of the fastest runners in the world. While gearing up for the London games, Usain suffered lower back pain and tightness in the hamstring area. Usain immediate sought treatment from back pain doctors and underwent a cryotherapy treatment. This process involves stepping into an ice chamber, which chills the body using liquid nitrogen. Today, he is in London and has defended his title.

Rafael Nadal: Gold Medalist at Beijing 2008
Rafael Nadal, called ‘the King of Clay’ and considered one of the best tennis players of all time, who was due to be at the opening ceremony, has pulled out of the London Olympics because he is ‘not in condition’ to compete due to injury. Nadal, who won the singles gold at Beijing four years ago, said in a statement his withdrawal made it one of the saddest days of his career. He is currently treating his injuries.

Even Olympians, with their Herculean tolerence to physical discomfort treat their pain as soon as it surfaces, sometimes at a great cost to their career. Why should you ignore yours?


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