Breathe Easy With IDM’s Offer

International Drug Mart offers FULL 10% OFF on Asthma Drugs when you refill your prescription for $75 or more! Asthma can be a life-threatening condition, placing a significant economic & health burden on patients, their families, and caregivers. About 25 million Americans suffer from Asthma, with every breath a struggle. To ease the everyday burden that Asthma puts on people, offers FULL 10% OFF on all Asthma drugs. Just buy for $75 & use code IDMASTH10 to opt into the offer.

Generic drugs available at are much cheaper than their branded equivalents and are equally effective. Researchers estimate that the annual cost of Asthma in the country is about $56 billion. While direct costs, most of which are hospital stays, make up almost $50.1 billion, indirect costs are around $5.9 billion. Indirect costs include lost pay due to illness or death, and lost work output from missed school or work days.

With healthcare costs and insurance becoming even more vulnerable to change, many Americans are unable afford their treatment schedules. Shopping’s Asthma Day FULL 10% OFF discount on Asthma drugs helps them to continue their medication without skipping dosages.

Quick-relief or rescue drugs like Albuterol relax the muscles around the airway. If a person with Asthma has to use a rescue medication more than twice a week, the asthma isn’t well-controlled. But a quick-acting med called a beta-agonist may work faster on people with exercise-induced asthma when used before a workout.

Living a normal and active life with Asthma becomes easier with the right medication. helps people with Asthma afford precious life-saving drugs with FULL 10% OFF on Asthma drugs when they buy for $75 or more. Use Code: IDMASTH10.

Remember to refill on your Asthma prescription TODAY. This offer is valid only on May 2, 2017 and cannot be used along with other discounts or offers on the website.


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