Can Exercise Control Erectile Dysfunction?

A man is diagnosed as suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) when he cannot achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. An erection is achieved by blood pumped into the penis and retained by spongy pockets inside the erectile tissue. The inability to maintain an erection can be due to physiological or psychological conditions such as stress, negative thoughts or feelings, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, trauma from prostatectomy surgery, and drug side effects.

Control Errectile Dysfunction

Psychological causes may be combated by sufficient counseling & in some cases – a nice long holiday. Root causes like diabetes and radiation therapy for prostate cancer can be alleviated by Sildenafil Citrate, the generic equivalent of the more famous branded ED drugs. Intagra is a bio-equivalent drug & is cheaper than the branded drug and saves you a lot of money.

Researchers have also found that exercising can reduce the instances of erectile dysfunction. In a 12- week long study conducted by the East Carolina University, the research conducted an experiment on rats to study the effects of junk food on Erectile Dysfunction. A sugary & junk food diet was fed to a team of rats, while another team received a healthy diet. In each team, one half of the rats were made to exercise, while the other half remained inactive.

At the end of the 12 weeks, the researchers stimulated the rats’ cavernosal nerve to produce erections. They also measured the coronary arteries to see how efficiently they maintained blood flow to the heart (a heart health indicator).

Among the rats that ate the junk food diet of high sugars and calories, the ones who exercised avoided ED and heart problems. Unsurprisingly the sedentary rats on the junk food diets suffered from erectile dysfunction. The health food fed team of rats didn’t suffer from erectile dysfunction regardless of whether they exercised or not.

The authors of the study observed, “The finding that exercise prevents Western diet-associated erectile dysfunction and coronary artery disease progression translates to an intensively active lifestyle throughout the duration of the ‘junk food’ diet.” More studies need to be conducted to see if a moderately active lifestyle or exercising after a long duration of inactivity would have a positive effect on reversing erectile dysfunction.

It remains to be seen whether the effects of an inactive lifestyle & a junk food diet can be rolled back with a moderate to heavy exercising regime.


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