Cellulitis Treatment and Medications

Cellulitis is a spreading bacterial infection of the skin and the underlying tissues. This infection is very common and can show up in places where the skin is already broken. Cellulitis in adults usually shows up in the lower leg, in children it is commonly seen in the face. The infection can show up in any part of the body. The skin surface is the most affected due to this infection. The infection can also affect the tissues underneath the skin, lymph nodes, and the blood stream if not treated at the right time.

Treatment for cellulitis:

Treatment for cellulitis is usually antibiotics; remember to complete the entire course as prescribed by your physician. Cellulitis can be treated with

* Oral antibiotics: Antibiotics prescribed by the doctor should be taken for fifteen days. After starting on the antibiotics check how your infection is responding to the antibiotics prescribed.
* Intravenous antibiotics: In case you do not respond to the oral antibiotics, you will be put on intravenous antibiotics. Antibiotics will be administered into the vein directly.

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Medicines that are used to treat cellulitis are Cephalexin (Cephalexin), Keftab (Cephalexin)


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