Fairness Bleach Creams

Sometimes for most of us the complexion might not be even because of age spots. To get rid of the spots and have even complexion facial bleaching is done. Facial bleaching creams also lighten the hair color and make it to blend with the skin color.

The different types of Facial bleach creams available at International Drug Mart are

Oxy Bleach
Fem Herbal Bleach
Fem Fairness Bleach – Pink
Fem Fairness Bleach – Perfumed Blue
Fem Fairness Bleach – Apple and Peaches
Buy Oxy Bleach
Buy Oxy Bleach
Buy Fem Bleaches
Buy fem bleaches
Buy fem bleaches

All the above bleaches oxidize the facial hair to match the skin tone; it also removes the dead cells and unclogs the pores to give better and fair complexion.


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