Generic Nicorette (Nicotine Polacirlex)

We at International Drug Mart have added Generic Nicorette (Nicotine Polacirlex) of 2 mg and 4mg dosages; new mint flavored chewing gum to stop smoking.

Here are details on how to use this Generic Nicorette
How to use chew Generic Nicorette:
1. Chew the mint flavored generic nicorette gum slowly until you get tingling nicotine taste.
2. Once you get the taste of nicotine keep the chewing gum in between the cheeks and teeth.
3. Nicotine will be absorbed
4. After the nicotine taste fades, again chew the generic nicorette gum. You can see the difference in two days, it helps to control your carvings in just two days.

First: Use it on a regular schedule to relive the smoking carvings throughout the day.
Second: Use extra piece with in a hour for frequent carvings. You can be smoking free in 12 weeks.

It is important that you stop smoking completely before you take Generic Nicorette and not use more than 24 per day.

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