How many times have you postponed a Health Check-Up?

Women go for health check-ups more regularly than men. A recent study by the Centre for Disease Control revealed that nearly 38% of women who go for annual health check-ups are diagnosed with chronic conditions that are treatable or curable. This is possible because their conditions were detected at a very early stage.

However, according to Dr. Miller, Cardiologist, Saint Louis University, “Men are less attuned to Health Care issues unless they’re really sick”. Statistics prove that more men die due to Heart Disease, Stroke and Cancer as their conditions were detected only in its final stages. Health Check-Up

If you are in your 50s, then you are strongly advised to go for health counseling sessions based on your medical history and condition. You will need to reassess your lifestyle with respect to weight management, smoking cessation, sexuality and alcohol consumption.

It is also recommended that you maintain updated Medical reports, which is basically a record of past illness, immunizations and prescribed medication history. Ideally, you should start getting regular health check-ups and keep records of your health once you cross 40.

Everybody loves to postpone a visit to the doctor and that is the reason why most of us do not go for a health check-up regularly. InternationalDrugMart presents an easy and fun way of disciplining yourself to go for an Annual Health Check-Up.

Choose a day or time of the year (For eg: August 6th or 1st Monday of August) and call it ‘The Health Care Day’. This day is now added to the list of other important days in your family like birthdays, anniversaries and festivals. Ask your spouse or loved one to remind you about that day. Keep doing this for a few years and before you know it, ‘The Health Care Day’ becomes a part of your regular life.

Do not neglect you annual check-up. Remember, a visit in time saves nine!


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